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“Don’t let its brevity deceive you. While it may be but six songs long, Mark Huff’s new EP makes enough of an impression to easily overshadow albums with twice as long of a set list. Huff possesses a remarkable emotion reserve, turning each of these offerings into songs with powerhouse potential. The material resonates with a kind of expressive intensity that seems to ricochet from one number to another, seizing its strength from assured melodies and an artfully crafted ambiance. Huff is both effusive and introspective, relaying his tales from a personal point of view that reveals as much about himself as any artist’s song is ever capable of conveying. “Almost True” is a solid rocker in the traditional sense, but it provides more than a hint of an incisive edge. “You want to drag my name through the mud,” Huff sings, “I want to cut your throat and drink your blood.” The thoughtful “Teardrop in Your Drink” manages to keep its upbeat attitude in sync with more contemplative sentiments, but it’s the lazy sprawl of the title track that stands out overall, a narrative of cinematic scope that effectively captures both mood and melange. Strikingly confident and unabashedly bold, Down River is an exceptional discovery.”

– Lee Zimmerman

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