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  1. Jim Egidio
    April 21, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    Hi Mark:

    Hope all is well with you and the family, Its James/Jim Egidio not sure if you remember me but we grew up in Las Vegas and played golf competitively and I remember your Father (Dick Huff) awesome instructor use to instruct Mark and Eric Dutt. Anyway I see that you moved on to Nashville, TN and propelled your career out there. I am very very happy and proud of you especially to see you take a leap of faith and move to Nashville. Its an awesome place and I will be re-locating out there myself in the next several months. My fiance Debbie Aikins whom I attended Valley High School with (didn’t know her in High School but met at our 30 year HS reunion 5 years ago) Hard to believe we are in our 50’s. You still look amazing. Its interesting that you moved to Nashville for your music because coincidentally my fiances father Bill Aikins who is now 75 years old moved to Nashville as a little boy (14 years old) with his family and became an accomplished piano/keyboard player (was the played the piano for Bobby Darin in Las Vegas) at a very young age in Nashville and started Cinderella Studios in Nashville many many years ago with 2 other gentleman by the name of Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy. They all worked with and contributed are credited on Bob Dylans album “Blonde on Blonde”. All 3 musicians were featured in the March/April magazine “The East Nashvillian”. Anyway enough if you have some time I would love to meet up with you for lunch or dinner when I come to Nashville in June 13-19th. If you have some time to talk I can be reached at (702) 326-3309 or my email address is pmsjim@msn.com

    James/”Jim” Egidio

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